Exercise Prescription (4 workouts a week)

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Start with a free short initial consultation to go over any injuries/pain/illnesses/discomfort. I will build you personalized workouts (4 workouts per week) and send them to you in HexFit (app). The workouts will be designed depending on what equipment is available to you.

This will be billed once a week. This is $90/week or $300 per month(contact me at info@lagomkin.com for monthly payment options). On Sale now until September 15th for $72/week or $240/month (all purchases must be made prior to September 15, 2021).

To start this workout plan, purchase this at any point and we will have our initial consultation (either over the phone or video chat) then I will get to work building your workouts! I will email you within 24 hours of your first weekly purchase to schedule our initial consultation. 

Cancellation Policy: Can cancel at least two days before the subscription renewal. Once payment has been submitted, no refunds will be issued.