ErgoFit Workshop

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Join me for the 30-minute Ergofit workshop!

The workshop includes: 10 minute slide show on neutral posture, common causes of office musculoskeletal discomfort ways to adjust your office set up, and a 20-minute ErgoFit workout.

You will need:

- Comfortable clothing you don't mind exercising in
- Water bottle
- Soft surface, such as exercise or yoga mat
- Light weights or resistance bands
- Best to access the workshop from your computer to see the screen better

This will be downloaded as an MP4, so you can pause the video at any point. 

Corporate opportunities: Contact me at for this workshop to be customized for your workplace. 

Looking forward to sharing with you!

p.s. Email or DM (instagram or facebook) me with your order number and I will send you a 20% off coupon code for the Workstation Adjustment Guide. It goes into detail on how to make your workstation more comfortable (even if you are working at your kitchen table) :).