Lagom is a Scandinavian word for “in balance” or “perfect simple” which perfectly describes one of my personal mottos’. I believe in a perfect balance between using, maintaining, and fueling our bodies. I also believe that people should have access to more cost-effective workplace ergonomic health. With more people working from home offices, there are lots of small-scale solutions to modify your home office to help reduce discomfort. Pairing a balanced and ergonomic workstation and with some specific strengthening exercises may help reduce some pain and discomfort at your workstation and after work.


My name is Alana Magee. I am a registered Kinesiologist in the province of Ontario and a member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists, Canadian Kinesiology Alliance, and Ontario Kinesiology Association. I have been practicing industrial and office ergonomic services for the past 5 years and have been performing kinesiology services since 2011.

I am a mother of twin boys and a dog mom to a beautiful white German Shepherd. We are an active family that loves the outdoors! Right now, you will find me in Ottawa, Ontario but we have lived all over Canada. I am originally from New Brunswick but have lived in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Alberta. If you see me out and about, don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello!